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Indulging in luxury perfumes is at its finest one of the purest forms of self-love. Encapsulating experiences and transforming moments into lasting impressions. Scent profiles, longevity and projection are elements that make fragrance desirable and elevate it from regular to luxury.

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22 products

Regular vs Luxury Perfumes

Your Complete Guide

Regular vs Luxury PerfumesRegular vs Luxury Perfumes

What makes a perfume regular?

Regular perfumes use a combination of synthetic and natural ingredients, often prioritising cost-effective formulations. Generally, they will contain higher concentrations of alcohol to make the scent go further but often compromise its scent profiles and lasting power.


What makes a perfume luxury?

Luxury perfumes feature a higher concentration of premium and rare ingredients, crafted by renowned perfumers for a more complex and sophisticated fragrance. They create experiences and moments that stay with you forever from scents that cannot be perfectly replicated.

What You'll Find in Luxury Perfumes

A Breakdown

Ingredients Luxury PerfumesIngredients Luxury Perfumes

Active Ingredients

Floral extracts: Flowers such as jasmine, rose, tuberose, iris, and ylang-ylang are commonly used in luxury perfumes. These floral notes contribute to the elegance and femininity of the fragrance.

Oud (agarwood): Oud, derived from agarwood, is a highly prised and rare ingredient in luxury perfumery. It has a distinctive woody and resinous scent, adding depth and complexity to the fragrance.

Ambergris: Ambergris, a rare and natural secretion from sperm whales, is known for its sweet, musky, and earthy scent. It is a coveted ingredient in luxury perfumes, adding richness and warmth.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood is a classic and luxurious fragrance ingredient. Its creamy, woody, and slightly sweet aroma provides a smooth and lasting base note in many high-end perfumes.

Bergamot: Bergamot is a citrus fruit known for its fresh and bright scent. It is a popular top note in luxury perfumes, contributing to the initial burst of fragrance and providing a zesty and uplifting quality.


What are the benefits of Luxury Perfumes?

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Scent ProfilesScent Profiles

Scent profiles

Beyond just a fragrance, they're a tribute to the complexity and uniqueness achievable through true craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in a world of rare extracts, exclusive resins, and carefully chosen ingredients that elevate each fragrance to the level of aromatic artistry. 

Get ready to indulge in scents that not only charm the senses but also share a story of sophistication and individuality. Join an aromatic adventure, where each high-end perfume is a delightful blend of complexity and uniqueness, promising an incomparable sensory experience.


Longevity and SillageLongevity and Sillage

Longevity and sillage

A hallmark of luxury perfumes is their exceptional longevity and impressive sillage, creating an enduring presence throughout the day. The concentration of high-quality ingredients, combined with the skill of master perfumers, ensures that the fragrance remains vibrant and noticeable for extended periods. 

It's more than just perfume; it's an elevated sensory journey that adds a touch of sophistication to your everyday routine. For those who appreciate a refined and lasting olfactory experience, fragrances become a cherished part of daily life.




Luxury perfumes are refined works of art, going beyond mere scents—they're symbols of sophisticated taste and timeless elegance. With limited production and highly sought-after ingredients, these fragrances are exclusive treasures, adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday life.

Applying one of these perfumes feels like a special moment, a bit of indulgence and elegance just for you. The exclusivity and heritage turn each application into a refined ritual, a beautiful expression of your unique style.

Your Luxury Perfume Questions Answered

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Frequently Asked

1. Which luxury brand has the best perfume?

Defining the brand that has created the best luxury perfume seems almost impossible when there are so many beautiful scents on the market. We certainly have discovered some of our favourite brands such as who is elijah and SŚAINT that have both crafted addicting fragrances for each scent category you wish to indulge in.

If your most loved fragrance profile is...

woody/earthy: who is elijah HIS | HER & Wall Street, SŚAINT Modus Vivendi

floral/citrus: who is elijah HER & Rebel Rose, SŚAINT Velvet Bloom

spicy/seductive: who is elijah Nightcap & Nomad, SŚAINT Cosmic Bang

fresh: who is elijah Ocean Eyes

2. Are luxury perfumes suitable for sensitive skin?

Skin sensitivity of perfumes is very common and can be triggered by almost all ingredients. Luxury perfumes are much less likely to irritate due to their limited use of synthetics and low alcohol content compared to regular perfumes.

Most kinds of solvents and alcohols are likely to irritate sensitive skin which can be found in high concentrations in regular perfumes. Luxury fragrances such as who is elijah and SŚAINT are hypoallergenic thanks to their ethically sourced and clean fragrance formulations making them the perfect choice. 

3. How to make luxury perfumes last longer?

Luxury perfumes are renowned for their lasting power due to their high quality and potent formulations. However, some techniques can be implemented to get even more fragrance projections out of your favourite scent, such as:

• Spraying on pulse points such as wrists, behind ears, neck and in the fold of the elbow. These areas emit heat and allow the fragrance to heat up and project more.

• Allowing the fragrance to naturally dry on the skin instead of rubbing and patting in will allow the molecules to stay intact and last longer.

• Over-application of perfume can lead to the senses being overwhelmed and not allowing the notes of the fragrance to be noticed or appreciated. When it comes to luxury perfumes a little goes a long way.