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who is elijah


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Rebellious memories ready to be indulged in

Meet NIGHTCAP. The one’s who live life to the fullest with no regrets. This woody leather scent will transport you to a thrilling moment in time. Your lover will want to rip your clothes off, just to be closer to your skin. You have lived through the 90’s grunge period and have transported to today.

Fragrance Notes

The First Impression: Pear, Cardamon, Violet Leaf 

The Heart: Orris Root, Cypress, West Indian Sandalwood 

The Sillage: Blonde Cedar, Mysore Sandalwood, Madagascar Vetiver

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who is elijah NIGHTCAP 10ml
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who is elijah NIGHTCAP
who is elijah NIGHTCAP
who is elijah NIGHTCAP

Product Details


Alcohol (100% Natural, derived from Sugarcane), Parfum, OTNE, DPMI, Alpha-Cedrene, Rose ketones, Cedr-8-ene, Longifolene, Beta Cedrene, Aqua (water).