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The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Here at Colour Me Pretty Cosmetics, we focus on three key areas of sustainability and diversity that require continuous improvement and evolution.

Our People

Our team at Colour Me Pretty Cosmetics are the heart and soul of our brand. To best represent our community at Colour Me Pretty Cosmetics diversity and inclusion is reflected in our team.

With a mission to continuously diversify the brand, team meetings with our staff are regularly promoted whereby team members are encouraged to voice their opinions and express their goals and aspirations for themselves alongside community members to ensure all individuals are being represented equally and that Colour Me Pretty Cosmetics upholds its mission of diversity.

Our Environment

We are very proud to have transitioned to completely recycled and recyclable packaging. Understanding the impact our packaging footprint had on the company’s waste production was eye opening. We are excited to showcase our beautiful new sustainable packing offered on every order, keeping your products and our environment safe.

In line with our packing, we are continuously seeking partnerships and supplier relations whose message and mission are aligned with ours at Colour Me Pretty Cosmetics.

Our Products

Alongside bringing you the most renowned and coveted names in beauty, we seek to showcase those brands that offer extensive shade ranges and consider skin tones and textures and essential elements in a product line. We love showcasing the diverse beauties we are lucky enough to work with and offering the most extensive range of products is imperative.