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Ere Perez

Bio All-Beauty Sponges

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100% biodegradable airbrush complexion sponges

A completely plant-based a biodegradable sponge duo. The All-Beauty Bio Sponges are firm but still soft to give your skin a streak free finish and enhance your products. Designed for multi-purpose application, the pointed sponge is designed to cover blemishes and for precise makeup application while the slanted sponge is best used for stippling and contouring. Best used when damp, they create a skin like finish for every product.


• Seamless and flawless makeup application for a polished look

• Suitable for applying foundation, concealer, and other beauty products with ease

• Crafted from biodegradable materials, promoting sustainability in beauty routines

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Ere Perez Bio All-Beauty Sponges
Ere Perez Bio All-Beauty Sponges
Ere Perez Bio All-Beauty Sponges
Ere Perez Bio All-Beauty Sponges

Product Details

How To Use

1. Wet the desired sponge and squeeze out excess water.

2. Apply product using the most suitable sponge shape for the application.

3. Gently bounce the sponge in small motion into skin to diffuse products effortlessly.

4. Rinse thoroughly and clean with warm water after each use.

5. Dispose of every 3-6 months.